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Thread: Nose Bleeds in Cocker Spaniel

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    Nose Bleeds in Cocker Spaniel

    My daughter has just asked me if I knew of this in working dogs.
    It seems her Mother in Law has a Cocker that has been having a lot of nose bleeds, it has beeen taken to the vet, and has been proscribed antibiotics.

    I take it by the fact she is asking me the vet never said what was wrong, (maybe!)

    Any thoughts?


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    I'm no expert but we have had cockers for 35 years (not the same ones, obviously) and I've never come across or heard of nose bleeds being a problem for the breed. I could only surmise that if antibiotics have been prescribed there is some form of infection causing the lining of the nose to get inflamed and rupture. My thoughts would be to get back to the vet and get a diagnosis in addition to the pills!

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    I once went to a very well known field triallers house who was giving a cocker antihistamines as he was allergic to grass pollen when out hunting. It would cause his nose to bleed and snneze.


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    Well, the dog went back to the vets yesterday, and while there it died.
    It seems it had Leukemia, bit of a shock alround


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