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Thread: Sako 75 270wsm including wildcat predator 8 mod

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    Sako 75 270wsm including wildcat predator 8 mod

    I bought this rifle and extras from the site about a year ago and it's not getting any use, seem to grab the Sako .308 everytime I head out so time for it to move on. Also thinning my collection down!

    The rifle comes with all that's advertised in the previous ad, without scope and mounts

    Sold: Sako 75 Hunter 270WSM with Wildcat Pred 8 Mod


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    Won't be about long mate

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    That is the deal of the weekend...
    grab a bargain 270wsm
    great caliber with enough bunch for anything in the UK
    good luck with the sale..500..for everything.. Bargain

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    hi is this still for sale if so could you send me your phone number by PM inquiring on behalf of a friend whose not a member
    cheers simon.

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    Hi there is this still for sale as no reply to pm

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    Sorry for the delayed reply to Pm have replied now.

    Rifle is currently on hold for next couple of days if this falls through or situation changes I will get back to people in order of PMS received.
    Thanks all

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    no problem will wait to hear.

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    Rifle still available

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    Are you willing to rfd this rifle

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