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    17 Hornet Help

    Hi all, any thoughts on the 17 Hornet, as I'm thinking of changing the 17hmr, as the on going problems with split cases is getting me down. So I am looking for a reasonably quiet safe round to shoot Charlie with out to about 150m, I've looked at the powder charge for the other 17 calibres and see that most are more than my .222 so obviously they will be as noisy, I think, I don't very often need to shoot rabbit over 100m so the .22 rim does the job, at the supposed speed of the Hornet I thought this round would break up as the .17hmr does most of the time as well? So how do you who use the Hornet see it? Does it kill cleanly with chest shots at 150m?

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    Hi, I cannot comment on the 17 hornet as I have never used one, I do however take a lot of fox wit my .22 hornet, and out to the ranges you mentioned it works perfectly, I would rather a .224 projectile for a fox than a .17

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    I've been using the .17 hornet for over a year now.... so have a number of guys on here.... Personally I think it is the best all round calibre ...Its my go to gun...
    Hits like a ton of bricks... I usually use the 20 gr Vmax. Yesterday I tried out the 25 gr hornady ( the box says Vmax but they are hollow point ).. the results were very promising.
    Very accurate out to about 300 m .. could go further but I do not. Best thing about them is very cheap to reload.

    Those that have and use them cannot see past them as the best all round pest control calibre.

    If interested there is plenty about them on here and Youtube.


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    Carlthetrapper, what can I say..."DO IT"!! I have had my CZ527 for 6 months and love it. I use nothing else now. I purchased mine back in Sept 2014 after 3 months research to build the ultimate varmint rifle. I have added a 4-12x40 Bushell XLT DOA scope, harris bipod, and a NZ made MAE moderator. My son and I have shot rabbits and hares out to 250m, and ferrals goat at 130.
    The down side of this calibre at present is the shortage of ammo. Hornady have got this one right, the americans seem to love this round, so getting ammo is a challenge. The up side is that I have just started reloading. There is talk on the net around wind effects, but I have noticed it. It shot dead straight and flat, the impact and carnage has to be seen to be believed.
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    .22 Hornet cz 527 great gun and will do what you want

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