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Thread: Photon XT "Doubler "

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    Photon XT "Doubler "

    In the past few months I have seen posts referring to a " Doubler " being used for the photon night sight and also seen them for sale , however when I rang Scott Country to find out about buying one they have told me that it's not possible to fit one on the new Xt ? Is their a work around for fitting one or maybe another supplier ?



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    Are you talking about the 4.6 x 42 xt which you can fit a doubler to,or the new 6.5 x 50 XT model,which is due about May and the old doubler system work on it HTH

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    It's the 4.2x46 that I bought from them in November , from what they are telling me it will not allow fitment because of the lens cap arrangement ?

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    Can you not just pull the folding sense cap cover off & then add that to the end of the double, as it looks like it is basically just a Butler Creek thing. I will have a look at mine when I go upstairs. A doubler would be nice but I quite like the field of view as it is. I have heard they are available for the latest XT version so may have a look round for one.

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    I have same xt version as you, I pulled off folding lens cap and fitted adapter which doubler screws into , maybe on new version which is not released doubler cannot be fitted but it definitely does on yours as I've got it fitted on mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueeyes View Post
    Are you talking about the 4.6 x 42 xt which you can fit a doubler to,or the new 6.5 x 50 XT model,which is due about May....
    Any info on the new model you mentioned ?

    ps... found some info on it here...

    Yukon Photon Xt 6.5 X 50 - Night Vision - The Hunting Life
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    Yes you have to take the folding cap off dont try and twist it,push at the hinge side then the other and so forth till it comes off and remember to use black gasket silicon or equivalent on adaptor and doubler to prevent POI shift.

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    Tanks for the info , mine doe not have the folding cap , it has the loose one ( that keeps getting lost ) so should be even easier


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    Did they also tell you fitting a doubler apparently voids the warrenty?
    i bought an XT second hand but only a couple of months old that had originally come from scott country, called them to ask about their reach forward mount as with the mounts i currently have i have had to pack them to get a zero, they said there must be a fault with my XT nothing to do with the current mount but as i bought the XT second hand it was now out of warranty, so beware unless you buy an XT new if it develops a fault you will not be able to get it repaired under warranty through Scotts, anybody know where i can get my XT checked out?

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    I had this before and was told the same with the MK 1 so contacted Yukon direct and this was the reply
    Please contact this gentleman.
    I do not know why it is written somewhere at forums that the warranty is non-transferable.
    My understanding is that the warranty starts from the 1st date of purchase

    So my advise would be to contact Yukon direct or Thomas Jacks.

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