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Thread: slimline and "off the shoulder" rucksacks

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    slimline and "off the shoulder" rucksacks

    I hate shooting whilst carrying bags!
    I am bare essentials kind of guy.
    but I acknowledge that sometimes it is nice not to have pockets stuffed with things and have the capacity to maybe take some other items outside of the non essentials

    I have been looking for a small, slim rucksack that will sit between the shoulder blades and not interfere with the slung rifle
    Also been looking for a courier style "one shoulder" rucksack that goes on the left shoulder (numerous right shoulder variants!) thereby allowing shooting off the right shoulder without getting between the butt and me.

    After much faffing, home made efforts and hunting around I finally succeeded in finding BOTH!!

    1) slimline

    Genuine British Army Issue CamelBak Hydration Pack Desert Camo (Excellent cond) | eBay

    eBay's finest for the princely sum of 8.50 posted
    More straps and clips than a Soho sex shop (I have a cunning plan of a fold away external roe sack that clips onto the outside using these!)
    Takes enough stuff for a romp round the woods, listed as 3l but that is the bladder spec, you can shovel in a bit more than that.
    Also has the added bonus of a separate liner between rucksack and back that is open at the top
    When a small hole is cut at the bottom it takes an inverted, scoped rifle straight down your back.
    Comfy as anything
    I went out today after a late doe follower/yearling and took the .22lr with me slung down my back.
    There have been a load of squirrels taunting me whilst stalking although they didn't oblige today!

    2) Left shoulder Courier "off the shoulder number":

    NEW KOREA Vintage Handbag Shoulder Sling Cross Body Bosom Bag Multiduty | eBay

    Another of eBays finest
    for the low low price of 16 delivered

    Well made. lots of pockets
    MOLLE compliant if that is your ting.
    Right handed zips can be accessed whilst worn,
    main strap clip for easy removal without taking over head
    Waist strap holds it in place
    no right hand shoulder strap to interfere with slung rifle
    big enough for those long days on the hill
    not taken into combat yet but looks well made for the money

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    I also went for a left shoulder pack.

    Search results for: '7dayshop OG Urban Slinger Left or Right Handed Shoulder Bag - Army Green'

    I did a little cord wrapping around some of the "D" rings, to quiet things down somewhat.

    It has three zipped pockets, with plenty of space inside.

    A back pouch is ideal for a drag rope.

    It has a waist belt, which stops the pack moving around.

    It suits my requirements.


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    I agree about juggling all the stuff you have to carry; my solution is to use a conventional roe sack but put a couple of bungee cords around it to make it into a long, sausage-shaped pack on your back which makes it much easier to carry.

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    I have a really good pack - a Berghaus mountain / climbing pack that is tall and thin, and very comfortable to use for hill walking, touring skiing etc. ideal - except its bright red Now if they did it in green.
    Mens Arete 35 Mountain Rucksack | Official Berghaus Store

    a lot of military style packs have lots of side pockets which are a pain.

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    Bewsh, you could ask BK where his avatar got her over the shoulder stuff made?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Similar to yourself I'm a very minimal kit kinda guy. This is mainly from when I first started out and had so many blank stalks I got fed up with carrying so much stuff that I never used with me. Over time I whittled it all down to what I could carry in my pockets. Recently I bought a MilTec lightweight smock Mil-Tec Smock Lightweight Olive: Clothing and it fits all my stuff with pockets to spare. Being lightweight I can wear it all year round either over thermals and a waterproof if cold and wet or just over a t-shirt in the summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Bewsh, you could ask BK where his avatar got her over the shoulder stuff made?
    I think that's a signature rig.

    Nicely Conetroled however one views it!


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    Never carried what did not fit in my pockets while in the UK, but out here I have a X1 to carry my bow or rifle.

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    I use a bum bag. Small neat, carries first aid kit, torch, spare ammo, rangefinder, spare knife, pull through, gloves. Doesn't get in the way of the rifle over the shoulder at all.

    I could get it all in my pockets, but I have a couple of different weight jackets I wear depending on the conditions and if it's in a bum bag I can just grab it and put it on, not having to worry about whether i have everything with me or not.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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