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Thread: Butchery set

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    Butchery set

    Hi guys im after a set of knives and saws to butcher my venison.
    I just wondered what you advise
    Cheers Dan

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    I have a EKA set from Moonraker knives I've also added to the set, look under larder knives on their site
    There are others but this is how I started...

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    Try butcherseqiupmentwarehouse and take your pick from there. Very reasonably priced and first class service

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    Look up Weald Packaging , their butchers suppliers & do a complete range of professional knives & saws that are surprisingly cheap .

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    We could also help... - main larder/butchery products can be seen on the link below (we also support the SD forum )


    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    hiya dan

    get two boning knives one six inch and one 3.5 inch, a long steak knife and a proper bone saw also a steel fro keeping them sharp. all should be plastic and stainless so can be cleaned effectively. then get some plasters, good luck ES

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