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Thread: Howa & remington .204ruger a good combo?

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    Howa & remington .204ruger a good combo?

    Evening gents, I'm in the midst of ordering a howa 24" heavy barreled rifle and picked up 100 Remington 32g premier accutip, just wondering if any of you fine chaps are using this combination and to what effect? I'm not going down the reloading route just yet. Although it's on the cards in the future. Accuracy is of course paramount ,so just after any real world advice on factory ammo for this rifle. Ps it's a 1:12 Twist. Cheers all, Danny.

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    Hi Danny, I have a Tikka T3 super varmint and a remmy 700 LVSF both in .204. They both shoot very accurate with 32 and 40gr Hornady V Max. Never used the Remington accutip as they are always 5+ extra than the V Max . My mate has just purchased a Howa with a sporter stainless barrel, could not get it to group less that 4 to 5 inch at 100yrds using 40gr v max however using 32gr v max it was grouping at 1/2 inch. Have a look at this test with 32 and 40gr ammo. Cheers Tony
    (It's a bit long winded but a bit of an eye opener)

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    Cheers Tony I'll have a look when I get home from the pub! I paid 15-20rds, is that good? How much you paying for hornady?

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    That's cheap mate, Hornady superformance are around 20

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    i had a remmy heavy barrel and i shot sellier and bellot 32gr and hitting eggs at 200yd tried the remmy 32 and 40 groups were ok with the 32 all in 1in at 100 yd but 40 were crap plus the selliers dont break the bank and brass is ok .

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