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Thread: tyres 265x75x16s

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    tyres 265x75x16s

    Hi all, ive be watching flea bay for these size tyres, saw some for sell and it said modular rims, ive no ideal if they are suitable, is there any tyreologist out there to enlighten me.atb swaro
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    Modular rims and tyres are normally sold as a cheap deal in the magazines, the tyres will be fine to go on whatever rims/wheels you have.

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    Thanks dan, there to go on navara rims

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    I have four Kumho KL71's in that size that have done under 1,000miles if your after tyres only?

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    K71s are probaly out of my price range rd with postage on top,I was after some at's as I dont do much off roading and muds will probaly make my truck thirsty, trucks main use is its my work me your price you want for them anyway
    Regards swaro

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    Sorry but i wish you luck in your search for road tyres in that size....

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    General grabbers on the rims at the mo,255x70x16s, the sizevof your kl71s just mix in on the section, there is lots to choose from if you want mud terrains,
    Regards swaro

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