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    I was down New Forest way last week and suddenly remembered the thread about Hamptworth Estate.

    Does anybody know what happened there in the end? I see from their web site that they still offer stalking. I was musing on whether or not to pay them a visit. Prices are 80 an outing to include the first beast. Subsequent beasts are charged at 30 a piece. Not too bad if trophy bucks are included in that.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    They have a new stalker called Jim, he seems a pretty decent bloke, they are still doing accompanied outings, however Trophy animals are not included at that price, they have had alot of problems since christmas with poachers/dogs-not sure which however they have found 25+ dead fallow with Neck Trauma-not sure if it was dog attacks or shot?

    Seeing as David Kennion is married to the Estate Owners Daughter I would hope even he could tell the difference.

    Their game keeper has now been sacked & the stalker is doing the keepering & running the stalking also-best of luck to him.

    We are still taking plenty of deer next door to them anyway, so there must be a few that the dogs left!

    Regs Lee

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    Been reading about the killings in this weeks shooting times. As Lee says 25+ shot and left on the ground.They have obviously p?>@:d someone off who knows the ground pretty well! Seem to remember a thread on here a while back about the place and the owners..

    ATB Steve

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    I'd bet my left nut that not one of those deer were touched by a bullet, estate under siege my arse!

    The culprits appear to be a couple of local rogue dogs running the deer into the deer fences and then ragging them.

    You would think that a regional director for the BDS would be able to tell the difference between a bullet wound and a dog bite.

    Having said that..... they seem to have got a lot of press recently don't they? you know what they say no such thing as bad press. I suppose it helps when you have some of your plum in mouth double barrel pals at the shooting times to scratch your back in return for some estate hospitality, that article reads more like a ****in hotel review.

    I'd do yourself a favour chap and book up with Lee Dart at Newhouse, only good thing that's happened at Hamptworth for a long time is the Keeper getting the tin tack.

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    Seems that every stalking related thing in ST is about hamptworth! Makes you wonder if the editors are getting anything out of it? As Moses said you would of thought the bds regional director could tell the difference between dog bites and gun wounds!

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