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Thread: Fiat Panda 4X4 "Cross"...

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    Fiat Panda 4X4 "Cross"...

    Looking at one of these little cars as an everyday vehicle and Arnold Shark are doing a pre-reg discount on all Fiats.
    Any horror stories or recomendations as to colour/engine size etc?

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    Great idea Red Dot, presume you want one to fit in the back of your defender for when it breaks down,fantastic you will never be stranded again.

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    On a serious note, the old Panda 4x4 was surprisingly able off road(don't know anything about the new one)
    Rust was the biggest problem on most old Fiat's, should not be a Problem if you are intending to change after three years or so though.

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    In rural Italy they use Panda 4X4's to rescue Poms in Range Rovers... I believe Top Gear took one to the summit of Mount Etna but what seals the deal for me is the 70mpg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Looking at one of these little cars as an everyday vehicle and Arnold Shark are doing a pre-reg discount on all Fiats.
    Any horror stories or recomendations as to colour/engine size etc?
    Not pink, you'd never live it down.

    ps.. why not a Jimmy ?
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    The old Panda was very capable, a little small but a good option.

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    My mrs has had punto gbt for the last 2 years done 35k in it never let her down,on a decent run nearly 90mpg run around local and returning 60mpg and zero road tax cheap as chips,think the panda will be roughly the same gaj.

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    Good luck with the 70mpg, reckon that will be like the diesel smart cars 90mpg, you will end up with just over half the claimed figure as a good average.
    I have a fishing club member who has a new shape Panda, he likes it and it does well for what he wants
    which was taking the dogs out to work the ground he used to shoot, when I last spoke to him he had had no problems
    with it in the 3 years he had had it. Pain to fit the fishing tackle in though.


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    Regarding 70 mpg.... As has been stated above, good luck with trying to achieve that figure.. You have no chance!!

    Manufacturers are well known for rigging the official MPG figures that are published for new cars.... The tests are open to all forms of slight of hand which are unfortunately legally allowable under the rules of the test.

    For a start the MPG figures are taken from a simulated journey on a rolling road and not on a public road or even a test track.

    They will pick the very lightest model in the range fitted with narrow tyres, also deleting things like CD players and air con pumps. They then tape up all door/ boot/ bonnet shut lines and remove the passenger door mirror to reduce wind resistance. They even run the engines with specially produced motor oil which keeps friction to an absolute minimum, but in reality would offer very little in the way of any form of long term engine protection. They are also allowed a ridiculously long period of time to accelerate from one speed to another during tests, which simply wouldn't be replicated in real world on road driving conditions.

    All of the above (and I am sure, a few more tricks of the trade) ensure that extremely unrealisticly high official MPG figures are produced.

    Some small cars with official mpg figures approaching 60 mpg plus, struggle to hit mid 40's (or less) in normal real world driving conditions!

    For those interested, the only true way of testing your own car's mpg over a variety of driving conditions is to manually carry out a calculation yourself. ( this will be more accurate than what your cars computer is telling you also!)

    To carry out the test,
    fill your tank to the absolute brim so that you can't get any more fuel in it.
    Zero your cars trip meter, so that your car will now show the reading for miles driven since filling the tank.
    Drive until you decide you need to add more fuel ( ie you only have a few gallons left)
    Fill the tank to the absolute brim again ( record exactly how much fuel it takes to fill the tank)
    Record from the trip meter exactly how many miles you have driven for the fuel you have used,

    You now know how many miles you have done and how much fuel you have used to drive those miles.
    You then convert the amount of fuel you have used from litres (from the pump readout/ receipt) into gallons, by dividing by 4.546 ( there are 4.546 litres in a gallon)

    Then divide the number of miles driven, by the number of gallons used... This gives you the exact mpg figure for you car for the miles you have driven.

    This figure is obviously affected by the type of roads you drive on and the way you drive on them, for example motorway cruising at a REASONABLE speed, will give you a lot higher mpg figure than you would get from driving around town which involves constant accelerating and braking.

    One thing is guaranteed... You will get nowhere near the official MPG figures as quoted by the manufacturer.
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    Hi RD
    Have you had a look at the review on the Honestjohn website?

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