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    Hi Folks,

    So, I am from Karachi, Pakistan. Iíve been into hunting since a young age, primarily due to my agrarian back ground. Am into wing as well as big game. Have hunted in the USA (Montana) and the UAE (Abu Dhabi) besides Pakistan, of course.

    Of lately, Iíve been taking interest in long range target shooting (600mís and beyond) and as a beginner am not that bad, though have a long way to go before I master the art. Hopefully here on the forum I shall learn a few tricks of the trade along the way.
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    Welcome! I'm intrigued, what does one hunt in Abu- Dhabi, and how?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine Marten View Post
    Welcome! I'm intrigued, what does one hunt in Abu- Dhabi, and how?
    Camels with a very big rifle ?

    And hi RDS

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    Thanks Marten & rodp. Well actually had the privilege to hunt at a desert pad of one of the royals from Abu Dhabi. It was an Arabian Gazelle, certainly not a camel!lol

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    Welcome, good to see someone from a part of the world we don't normally hear very much about in hunting terms.

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    Thanks bogtrotter.
    You'd be surprised there's a lot of hunting across Pakistan, very diverse in terms of different species,Hog deer, chinkara,Black buck, Ram/ urial, Ibex, Mar Khor, Himalayan Ibex, Snow leopard, mountain leopard, Bob Cat, nilgai and so forth. Very sort after animals and a lot of hunters from across Europe and North America visit each year.

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    Thanks John and my bad, shall register for that.

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