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Thread: Synthetic stock scratches

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    Synthetic stock scratches

    Hi guys

    I have a Benelli M2 shotgun with a black synthetic comfortech stock, it's a great shotgun which I use for pigeon shooting, goose shooting and a bit of rough shooting... I have noticed that the butt area of the stock has picked up the odd scratch from walking through dense woodland etc, these seem to be relatively fine scratches and are virtually unavoidable if the shotgun is used for this form of shooting.

    I wondered if there is a relatively simple way of removing the scratches, they are not really that noticeable but still it would be nice to have a method of removing them without making things worse by a botched job!

    Any Ideas would be appreciated.

    Many thanks.
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    I have tried several methods on various stocks, nothing really works on smooth finished stocks, and the gloss shiny ones are impossible.
    All I do now is do the whole stock with a grey scotchbrite pad, gives the stock a matt finish that covers and disguises scratches very well.
    No idea what to do with a rubber finished stock though.


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    For rubber you can get some 1200 grit automotive sanding paper and put it on a block. Sand it with water. I used to do this finishing recoil pads. Be prepared to use a lot of paper.

    Or you could just leave the scratches as evidence to all who see them that you are indeed a hunter.~Muir

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    Not s clue what you could do to remove the scratches


    A little wear and tear adds character

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