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    what do people think about Lisenfeld scopes? i am getting a whiff of something to do with them shutting down or something? not sure. are they any, good reliable? how much should i look to pay for a Lisenfeld 8x56 spezial?

    any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Got a 3x12x50 for 50 but some say that I am Dick Turpin

    Stand & Eat Liver


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    Quote Originally Posted by lwcdart View Post
    Got a 3x12x50 for 50 but some say that I am Dick Turpin

    Stand & Eat Liver

    well dick turpin ill give you 75 cash for it right now if you fancy selling

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    Sorry buddy, shes going on the new 7mm/08 PH2 estate rifle I think, much at the thought of selling her & making a few quid is nice, I still want to have a decent quality of kit for my guests to use.

    Regs Lee

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    ive got a nice pecar 4*35 to sweeeten the deal that could go on you r estate rifle lovely little scope made for a 7mm

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    Swatty, sorry buddy for once in my Life I was in the right place at the right time & I am just going to savor it, I have a nice almost new 7mm/08 PH2 Styer at 450 with mounts & a nice Lisenfiled 3x12x50 in mint condition all at the bargin basement price of 500 quid when combined

    Regs Lee

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    back to the point here boys

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    I bought a lisenfeld 6x42 scope about six years ago - or more for roughly 300. it is a good scope, well made, good light gathering and holds zero like any other German scope. It was about 100 cheaper than a Schmidt at the time and so i would think that 3/4 the price of a 8x56 Schmidt would be about right.

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    teddy, Have a Lisenfeld 6x42 that came mounted on a CF2 that I bought five years ago- No problems.

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    had have had most of the lisenfeld scopes and they are very good but have to tell you lisenfeld closed its doors years ago they have not bean manufactured for a long time 2 lisenfeld is german the scopes are not they were manufactured by nicosterling sadley i dont have eney lisenfeld or nicosterling models left to give you a side by side compareson ie but do not be disapointed in the fact that they are manufactured in japan as most scopes come from there look at night force manufactured in america no japan tells you on the underside of the scope

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