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Thread: Would you pull the trigger?

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    Would you pull the trigger?

    I posted this same picture and question on the Deer Stalking UK page on Facebook and got some 'interesting' and varied replies so I thought I'd see what the SD collective has to say too. Some of you may have seen it or commented on there already but feel free to elaborate or post again if you so wish.

    The photo was taken by me yesterday morning and I'll be doing a write up to accompany it when I get chance as I have some nice video footage to go with it.

    For now I won't post any further info other than the pic unless requested to do so,




    I know it can be an emotive subject so please keep it amicable if possible so the thread doesn't get closed or if the mods think it a bit iffy then please delete it!

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    Very interesting will get a lot of mix views.
    Myself....I have been in that exact situation....did I pull the trigger, No I did not, why? It just didn't feel right, I did have the same scenario with 3 ducks, that paddled in front of me while wildfowling on the river severn, I didn't pull the trigger on that time too, do I have to shoot everything that present it self while hunting....No I don't.


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    No shot for me ..thanks.....if it stood up broadside ok,backstop permitting,that,s different.

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    difficult to tell anything from a photo and not knowing the ground

    but just to be clear are we debating headshots, backstops or just anything?

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    "Pull the trigger"? Back to the Principles of Marksmanship for you, young man! I think you mean squeeeeze....?

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    To be honest it's quite nice to just watch and observe, anyhow he was having a few zz's chewing the cud, chillin, enjoying the warmth, & not a headshot, it may have been different if the freezer was empty or if he showed to be injured. No need to shoot on sight these days, I seem to have become a compassionate old barsteward!!
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    Considering fact and assuming an accurate shot if you pulled the trigger it would be dead. If the same deer was standing there and you shot it death would also be the outcome. So to me the only question is would it be unsporting to shoot it lying down but then what is the difference between standing still on 4 feet or lying down. Steady rifle, good scope it will be dead. Do you require more skill to shoot it standing - no, does shooting it standing give the deer a more sporting chance - no, will an accurate shot to the head whilst lying there be more humane - probably. Personal decision really.

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    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    I can see this thread going downhill very fast, but for me it would be a no.

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    Its not really a fair question.
    You are the one behind the gun and only you can decide. The decision rests on your head and yours only.
    Trophy, meat damage (if it deflects), safety, the list goes on.
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