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Thread: Hi to Everyone

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    Hi to Everyone

    Hello to Everyone,
    New to the site and this electronic way of communicating!! Been advised to introduce myself so here I go.

    Been involved in field sports since I could walk. Got hooked on stalking about 10 years ago but due to various issues gave up my syndicate place a year ago by mistake. Done my DSC 1 and very slowly working on my Level 2.

    Also had a experence in South Africa a few times and have a excellent cheap contact over their if anyone interested. Having a good PH over their makes all the difference in having a good time and not paying over the top.

    Just moved to Heddon on the Wall nr Newcastle. Shoot with a 243 and 30-06 both Sauer 202's which apart from the safety catch I personally think is one of the best rifles about at the moment.

    Still a member of a game syndicate shooting nr Whitby. Do have a dog but finding her very difficult to train with the kids feeding her biscuits all the time.

    Would be great to hear from anyone and interested in finding a new syndiacte.


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    Welcome Simon,i too shoot with .243 and 30.06,the .243 is a sauer 202 and agree their fantastic rifles,i actually like the saftey though and prefer it to my sako which i have managed to knock off before now.
    ATB Neil.

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    Welcome, the pain of trying to train a dog with female/child influence is a real challenge - good luck!

    I hope the hunts for a syndicate goes well, persistance is the way ahead!

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