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Thread: AW & DSC Instructors...One For the Presentations

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    AW & DSC Instructors...One For the Presentations

    I asked one of my work colleagues if he wished to accompany me on a stalk to take some pictures of the deer.

    As we watched a doe come over the fence I gave him half an hours worth of camera shooting time. I then said I'm ready for the shot and he got his camera ready for speed shooting and I let the shot off. As soon as I did that his shutter was clicking away.

    Below you will see the results of a clean heart shot a second after the deer turned. You will see quite clearly that large amounts of blood being pumped out.

    When I tracked the shot to the fall, you could see 6 large areas of pumped blood.

    This is an Extremely rare opportunity for DSC candidates to see what happens and the reasons why shot placement is extremely important for the humane culling of deer.

    Obviously this image is copyrighted and is available from Bruce Little.


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    What an incredible photo, and nice shot too!


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    Thats an awesome photo..

    Do you have a link to the others that you could put up..


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Cracking picture!!


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    10 out of 10 Arthur. Shot placement is without doubt the key to succesful harvest of your chosen quarry.

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    Thanks for that Arthur - will be very useful. As per Terry's question, can we ask you to post links to some of the other shots?



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    Brilliant. very kind of you giving permission for the photo to be used. good shooting from both stalker and photograper.



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    Thank you for your permission to use that excelent photograph Arthur.

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    Superb photo Arthur, just how far did that one run on. Not far I would have thought.


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    Other chain of images are on their way.

    She ran about 20 yards tops.

    Please also note that I have amended the permissions for the use of the picture, sorry for any confusion. Bruce Little of owns the copyright any use will need to be approved by him.


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