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Thread: YES WE HUNT Website to close in 3 days

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    YES WE HUNT Website to close in 3 days

    I have just received notification of the website Yes We Hunt closing for good in 3 days time. This is a real shame as the owners have put so much effort, time and money into maintaining what was regarded as a professional and well run site for all hunters.

    It would seem the main reason for the closure is financial, and I for one am sad to see the closure of the site.

    Although we do not charge for the access or use of the SD site, it goes without saying that we rely on the advertising and trade membership to keep the SD site healthy and alive. We also use the extra fees raised by members becoming a supporter to pay for the bursary scheme for those not able to afford to pay for DSC 1.

    In all SD gives good value for money if you are a trade member or thinking of doing so. With an international membership it is a fast growing site that in the few years we have owned it, has expanded from 700 members to 14,000 plus.

    Whilst we may not all agree with each other, there is the over riding devotion to deer stalking and hunting that bonds us all together. Thank you for your support and my congratulations to the site owners of Yes we hunt for a sterling job well done. Let's hope the site is resurrected in the near future and is not lost forever.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    The problem I found with Yes We Hunt it was far too complicated I think they were trying to do too much at once.
    I joined when it first started and the longer it went on the worse it got to find what you wanted until when E mails came through I just deleted them.

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