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    I have been shooting all my life maily Phesant, Partridge, duck, rabbit etc.

    I live near Leicester which is a bit short of deer but the ever increasing population of Muntjac is spreading here. There a few knocking about our woods, i hope they breed in time and obviously offer some sport in the future.

    I am involved in several shoots, some of which are self keepered where i help out with vermin control.

    I have been using rifles for about 10 years starting with a 22Rf Anschutz that i still use now. I use a Remmington .223 with a Schmidt and Bender scope for shooting fox's.

    I have always wanted to go stalking but couldn't really afford it financially or time wise when my children were young, now they are at an age where i can spare more time to follow my interests so here i am.

    Yours in sport,


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    Hi Ritz..

    I can well apreciate your sentiments with the children as have four myself..

    Welcome to the site mate and hope you will be contributing when you get the time..


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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