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Thread: sako 75 bolt problem-help please

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    sako 75 bolt problem-help please

    As most will know, these have what i can only describe as a safety overide button located just in front of the safety catch which allows you to unload the rifle while 'on safe'. I've depressed this button, opened the bolt, unloaded and pressed the bolt release button and removed the bolt.
    My problem is, when I've tried to put the bolt back in there is a pin sticking up into the 'bolt channel' which i assume is spring loaded and the bolt normally travels over but is now ridgid. This allows the bolt all the way in bar about the last 5mm of travel into the lockdown position.
    Am i missing something (procedure wise) or has something broken or become disengaged inside the action?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance leej.

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    Push the safety catch forward and try again...

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    You will need a screwdriver and pliers, you will see when you place the screwdriver to the rear of the bolt and twist things start to move, you will understand what i mean when you try it, you might need an extra pair of hands but it is an easy fix.

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    As 20-250 says just take it off safe and try again.

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    Thanks 20-250, should've said I've owned the rifle about 10yrs and know thats the routine and it's never played-up before. Now when i try to push the safety foward into the ready to fire position it springs back into the safe position. There also seems to be a bit of excess play in the 'overide button'

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    Action out of the stock, you will see a circlip that retains the safety lever and the bolt release. This can work loose and just needs the safety lever pushed to the trigger mech whist pushing the circlip toward the trigger mech at the same time. This brings it all tight again.

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    Hi long_range_rob, many thanks for trying to help me. I've tried following your instructions but the pin sticking up into the 'bolt channel' is completely rigid and I still cant send the bolt fully home and lock it down. Any other sugestions? Or could i possibly pm you my number and try sorting it out over the phone?
    I've viewed your gallery and you obviously know your stuff when it comes to Sako rifles.

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