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Thread: Gun Cleaning Mat - AR15 parts diagram

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    Gun Cleaning Mat - AR15 parts diagram

    have a couple of brand new gun cleaning mats with AR15 parts schematic printed on. Nice quality and good design. 3mm thick rubber mat.

    dimensions are 915mm*305mm*3mm. Photo with my AR15 223 on my personal mat I use for cleaning.

    All brand new and wrapped in plastic. 15 including delivery, payment through paypal.

    Attachment 53749Attachment 53753Attachment 53754Attachment 53751Attachment 53752Attachment 53755Attachment 53756

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    I'll have one please. Deerwarden

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    I've answered your thread and Pm'd you on a different forum earlier. Thanks.

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    I'll have one please

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    If there are any left, any chance of picking one up, as I am local?


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    I would like one as well please.

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    - going on ebay soon for 17.99 - catch yourself a bargain while you still can.

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    Sorry, I have to ask as this post has been flagged...

    When you say you have a 'couple', how many is that? As you're advertising these across a few shooting forums it looks like it could be a significant quantity in which case trade membership would be more appropriate, especially as most of your posts appear to be trading related?


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