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Thread: Hoenig Double Rifle

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    Hoenig Double Rifle

    An interesting looking double

    Possibly not my cup of tea, but very strong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heym SR20 View Post
    An interesting looking double

    Possibly not my cup of tea, but very strong.
    I met the man about 20 ? years ago . He's originally from Germany , but now works in the states . He does build beautiful traditionally styled hunting rifles , but he does come up with some unique designs . If I remember correctly , doubtful , this rifle was featured in an article in Gun Digest a few years back and again later in Rifle magazine . As you say , interesting , but I'd still prefer a Rigby............. And the bank account that goes with it lol AB.

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    Thankyou for posting that.
    That is an extremely interesting firearm. What a clever mind to design and build something so out of the box like that.
    It's men like that that really are fantastic engineers and craftsmanship.

    I would rather carry that firearm than any other without doubt.

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    Quirky ....but a good idea . You could have a very quick interchangeable calibre rifle

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    I'd love to see someone produce Hoenig's design on a footing that would make it available at an accessible price. A hand-built example by the man himself will always be superior, of course, but I'd settle for a gun I could actually own and shoot.
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    Engineering porn!

    What a fantastic design. Thanks for sharing.
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