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    Hi just a quick one, anyone know how much concrete costs per cube?

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    I had a quote for 4.5 cube last time home and it was around the 500-600 quid mark from the Quarry with delivery on top at around 100 quid and 35min of unloading time, anything over that time was calculated at 80 quid an hour for the drivers time. Not cheap but I couldn't mix that amount so had to give in.



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    I had 5 cube of RC20/25 about 3 years ago for about £600, I think. It included a part load charge. You'll need to think of space for leftover concrete, as they will charge I you don't use I all.

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    Depends how you get it if they come in a big wagon and dump it on the drive its cheaper if they barrow it for you its dearer

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    Had 2 cubic metres delivered on Saturday mixed off the back of the truck and barrowed in cost was £195 + vat for standard C25 mix

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    £80--£100 a cube plus vat at the moment

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    Rc is reinforced concrete mix.there us alot of different mixs to suit different purposes . foundations.oversites etc etc. If it's possible to get a few of you on the barrows you will soon move 3m3.use your 30 minutes well.pour it out on the ground then shovel it is making real hard work of it.if it is a barrow job tell the concrete people when you order it.

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