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Thread: Parker hale rods,and adapters

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    Parker hale rods,and adapters

    I couldn't find the answer,so apologies for posting again.
    Basically I have two parker hale rods,
    The grey 243 cal male fit, and yellow 30 cal female fit.
    I'm looking for a set of nylon brushes for both and what ever adapter they both might require.
    I think the pro shot series with male fit will fit the female rod, but the adapters all seem to be female-female in 30 cal.

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    choose your brushes and get the appropriate adaptor to turn the rods into the same

    I have so many bloody rods, brushes and adaptors that I have accrued over the years it is a royal PITA to match one to the other now

    Pro-Shot Parker Hale Rifle Rod Adaptor | eBay

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    Cheers for the link bewsher,the issue i have is that the only adapters are all female-female fit,where as my 30 cal rod is already a female fit.
    Ive just bough some brushes on the bay so ill try them.

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