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Thread: Right Spot....Wrong Time...

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    Right Spot....Wrong Time...

    I have bumped this buck in some very dense cover back in January after pheasant's , seen him out lamping, caught him on the trail cam at silly o'clock....
    Stood out quite a few times at dusk with only a few pheasant's passing by on there way to roost!

    This trail is well used, also the odd Fallow slots just to keep me going back for a look!!
    A half way day for me today as I wanted to finish a farm gate but only concreting the main post in late yesterday afternoon, so I decided not to risk it as it would be me fixing my eagerness!

    So off with the pup and lap top to see what had walked past......

    Hard to tell if it is the same buck in the first picture but only 200 yards from the day time picture, I have moved the trail cam a bit further along and will give it a couple more days...!!

    Well after looking at the pics again there could be more than one!


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    I would say there are two different animals, what cam do you have?

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    I'd agree with Rick. The antlers don't match up and the first buck appears to have a tear in his left ear although it could just be a shadow or some matted hair. The second is a good looking buck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rick6point5 View Post
    I would say there are two different animals, what cam do you have?
    I think you 2 are both right....A Swan from macro's 70.00 in fact I have 2!


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    Two different bucks mate. Hope you bump into one soon

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