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Thread: Advice on barrel twist rates

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    Advice on barrel twist rates


    I am trying to learn and understand the full implications of a barrel's twist rate, and the effect this will have on how it will stabilise various bullets. I will openly admit from the outset that my current level of knowledge is quite basic.

    Do any of you guys know of a good (reliable!) source for information on this subject?

    I don't want to become an authority or expert on the subject. Instead I would just like to understand how a given twist rate will direct bullet choice, or conversely how to match a given bullet to a suitable barrel.

    Grateful for any input, and apologies if this has been covered before!


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    It is not only dependent on matching the rate of twist to the weight of the bullet for a particular bore diameter.

    The linear velocity is what translates into the actual rate of spin of the bullet, to stabilize it.

    Length of the bullet and the length of the bearing surface also make a difference in what rate of spin is necessary.

    Location of the center of mass of the bullet along its longitudinal axis ( which is the direction of travel ) is also a factor. Bullets with large hollow point cavities or plastic tips concentrate their mass in the shank, where the diameter is widest, and the angular momentum stored is the greatest for any given rate of spin.

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