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  • Red hind: Yes, pedicles.

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  • Red hind: yes, full antlers:

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  • Sika hind :Yes, pedicles.

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  • Sika hind: yes, antlers

    2 3.70%
  • Fallow doe: yes, pedicles

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  • Fallow doe: yes, antlers.

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  • Roe doe: yes, pedicles.

    44 81.48%
  • Roe doe: yes, antlers.

    23 42.59%
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Thread: Roe Doe's with antlers / pedicles

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    Roe Doe's with antlers / pedicles

    hi all, recently i culled a roe doe which had pedicles, this was a first for me. i did a little reasearch into the abundancy of this occourence and found this :
    The frequency of antlered female and anterless male roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) in a population in south-east Norway


    i thought it may be of interest to some?

    although there is no statistical correlation between age and pedicle / antler formation, and the number of deer used for this research was "limited in scope" i was wondering how many of us in the UK had come accros this?

    i will try and create a poll so that we can guage how often the uk stalker using this site has seen pedicle formation in thier Doe's / hinds.

    Many thanks!


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    the poll is limiting in your responses, you can choose more than one option, and i understand that very little data can be gatherd from this sort of poll as it only indicates the number of people who have come accross some sort of appendiage on a female deer and NOT the number of deer seen with apendiages!

    however, its my first poll and im just a newbie!

    Thanks for looking!


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    thats an interesting result already, only Roe !

    thanks for your input guys!


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    The velvet came off whilst boiling the head.

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    Fascinating, Stag. Thanks for that.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    Hi Skippy

    Out with Lakey last weekend we took an elderly doe..

    Teeth worn down to the gums and carrying twins she had a good sized button on one side..


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Here is an antlered doe that I set up about three years ago. Originally shot as an injured deer in summer coat, the head was subsequently frozen down as an oddity, and then changed hands.The new owner wanted it set up with a winter doe cape added and was most insistent that the doe cape had good clear gourget patches on the front. The antler mass was hard on the animals right side, and soft and floppy on the left side (the smaller of the two antlers) so fearing there would be massive shrinkage I had to inject & soak the antlers in glycerin/ formalin mixture for a couple of weeks and then slowly dry them for a couple of months. Even then with those precautions the antlers separated in the centre by about half an inch,(originally they were pushed together with no gap in the middle). To date that is the largest and best formed set of doe antlers that I have seen or worked on.

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    Have come across this twice, both cases were Roe Doe's with fully formed hard antler, though in both cases the antlers were quite spindly, the first was a middle aged animal which I think was a hermaphrodite, the second was a two year old Doe carrying
    twin foetuses.

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    thanks everyone for your replies, its fascinating hearing your expierences.


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    I've seen a few Roe doe with pedicles or antlers of various condition. This morning however I stalked what I thought was a yearling buck with small button knobs, as I got close enough to take the shot the position was not right and this Roe had no anal tush either. Thinking it was a buck I took the shot when it presented its self. Then found that I had shot a lactating doe. I felt sick knowing there was a young kid somewhere and even after searching the area with the dogs could not locate it. Other than the obvious under parts which I could not see due to length of grass is there any other clues to distinguish buck from doe in these circumstances ?

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