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Thread: Landrover Discovery 3 Auto Good or Bad ?

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    Landrover Discovery 3 Auto Good or Bad ?

    Hi All,

    Im thinking of buying a used Discovery 3 2.7 tdv6 auto, do any members have one or know of any issues with these 4x4's,

    I have had a couple of TD5's in the past and had problems with them both and i did say never again to a land rover, but there's something about Discovery's that i have always liked, i just hope reliability is better.


    Deer Stalker

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    I think it is all about luck and price.

    Same as all LandRovers fundamentally good truck let down by build quality and electrics. Get a good one and it cannot be bettered, get a bad one and it will be an expensive time consuming excercise.

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    If you read the forums you find that most people who buy them seem to end up with a hobby rather than a mode of transport, the forums for other 4X4s tend to paint a more positive picture.

    I tried to buy one recently, LR approved, main dealer etc. etc. After agreeing the sale and seeing all the paperwork and all the usual stuff I discovered that they didn't actually own the car to sell it and the V5 for the vehicle was only "a" V5 for it but not "the" V5 for it. I wrote to LR HQ asking how I might proceed and they replied admitting that they tried to sell me a dodgy car and basically said "don't call us, we'll call you." I gained the impression that I wasn't the sort of customer they wanted what with my reluctance to buy a car that it was impossible to tax as a man in Telford still had legal title to it and so on. Oh, the vehicle is still for sale so if you are looking at one let me know and I can tell you the reg.

    Needless to say when they treat you like that when you are buying a car from them imagine what their customer service would be like if something should go wrong for you. So, I will never again entertain the idea of a LR of any type.

    There was a chap posting on one of the Land Cruiser forums who stated that the LR was the best on road and the best off road (it is a very nice car to drive) but that he needed something that wasn't in the dealers all the time getting fixed hence why he had the Toyota. I have noticed that while most people keep their Toyotas (and other 4X4s) a long time most people sell their Discoverys in a few years and well before the warranty runs out, I think there is a message in that. Add in my experience with their customer service, and I'm not alone, plus their truly amazing servicing costs (LR service £400 - £600, Land Cruiser service £150 - £200) and I would say they are lovely but you are best to stay away from them.

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    i am on second disco 3 and cannot praise them enough good allround on and off the road all though a little expensive on diesel

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    The main things to look out for are EGR valves, lowwer ball joints tend to wear, anti-roll bar bushes wear. Air suspension compressors go when people jack them up under them .duh!

    Over all thay are much better than a TD5 BUT they rely more on electronics!!
    Saying all this they keep me in a job

    Don't think you will get much of a service for £150 -£200 for a land cruiser at a main dealer

    Unfortunately Land Rover are a ' marmite' vehicle. We have customers that buy one after another for years. Then there are the ones who buy one and have a few problems and won't buy another.


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    I have one, but its a manual. i have gone through 2 defender 90's td5, a 200 tdi disco, a 300 tdi disco, and now the tdv6 disco 3. i have to say it is the best designed landrover i have seen, its brilliant. does everything very well.

    they are heavy 3+ tonnes fully loaded!, i get about 8 - 10k on a set of brake pads and about 50k on a set of disks. (i like to leave braking to the last min.) fuel is good, i usually get 30 mpg, if im carfull i can get 48mpg if im not i can get 26mpg. mine is autologic remapped and is a big improvemnet on standard. watch out for 18in alloys, go for 17's as tyre choice is limited in 18's. engine is great, brakes are good( but dont last long) suspension is great, steering cicle is better than a 90. seats are comfy, its quiet and the doors and windows fit (unlike a defender).

    Go for it. as others have siad you will either love it or hate it. DO NOT USE THE JACK THAT COMES WITH IT! get a 12tonn bottle jack from machine mart and chuck the standard one away. mine has not developed any major problems, a few bushes here and thier and thats it. the customer service i have recieved has been nothing but First class. i was given a brand new tdv8 range rover vouge for a week as complementary "thank you for your repeat custom"

    a usefull website is or .cu. uk .

    Good luck.
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    Love mine - truly capable off road and very comforatable on the road as well. If you intend to use it offroad a bit, look at some different tyres - General Grabber AT2's are good in 18" and are a good compromise and should get you through all but the muddiest stuff. Go for BFG MT's (the new KM2 pattern) in 17" for ultimate off road performance or Goodyear MT/R's in 19" (which is what I run). Road noise will increase and mileage decrease (despite what anyone tells you!) with anything other than road tyres, but it's a balance depending on how much you use it off road.

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    I have put 45K on a manual disco 3 over the past three years - entirely trouble free - touch wood as it is now out of warranty. I am in two minds about hanging onto it long term, or shifting it this year while it still has good trade in value.

    For me it is by far the most comfortable annd driver friendly 4x4 out there.

    The worst off roading mine ever sees is a grassy field or the odd gravel track. I really don't need a large 4x4 and might trade this one off for a nice estate car - easier on fuel and a better driving experience than any SUV.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    We might have been lucky but we have had a succession of disco's since about 1992 when I bought the first one, a V8 petrol, in Oman. I shipped that back to UK where my wife ran it for some time and then later I shipped another one back, this time a diesel. In the Middle East the vehicles were regularly used for 'wadi bashing' at the weekend and never let us down. My wife (who staunchly refuses to drive anything else, even my Mitsubishi Warrior) currently drives an automatic Disco 3 which is on a 54 plate and was bought when it was about one year old. The vehicle has now done almost 70,000 miles and we have had no problems with it other than a succession of front headlamp bulbs failing. (Why do women never realise that one headlamp is not working??) As my wifes car the vehicle does spend 95% on the road so not much 'rough stuff' these days. Nice to drive but a bit heavy on diesel, must look into the chip re-mapping!


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    SNAP: i have headlights failing, i wouldnt say it was on a regular basis but it is far more frequent than that expected and of that seen in the older discos. (probably about 4 bulbs in 2 years) LR commented on the new type bulb having a reduced life expectancy and put it down to the general design and size of the new disco 3 bulbs. i always keep a few spares in the car. Changing a bulb on any other vehicle has never been so easy, unclip the front grill, and lift out the light cluster and away you go! a truly brilliant bit of design!

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