View Poll Results: What to do with the feral ferret creature

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  • Set a live capture trap using rabbits as bait

    12 25.00%
  • Set up a hide 100yds away from his lair and wait with a rifle, for him to emerge at dusk

    11 22.92%
  • Attempt to flush him from cover using terrier and then dispatch him with shotgun

    3 6.25%
  • Leave him alone and go look for Roebucks instead!

    22 45.83%
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Thread: POLL: What to do about the Feral Ferret/Mink/Creature?

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    POLL: What to do about the Feral Ferret/Mink/Creature?

    Having established that the animal in the video I posted is probably a kind of feral, possibly hybrid, Ferret/Mink creature, I am considering the best course of action...........what would you do?

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    If it weighs 15lbs then your terrier better be bloody good.
    My old terrier once had a scrap with a mink. He killed it eventually but he took some bites. That was a normal size.
    Use a rifle, if you capture it your only gonna have to kill it anyway. If you send your terrier to ground it'll get a pasting.
    Shoot it or just leave it you decide.
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    We all need to see it now, so your going to have to catch it .

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    I voted rifle. Make sure there's enough left of him to show us though!
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    It'll just be somebody's pet gone walkabout.
    If it's attacking your livestock or poultry then by all means shoot it - just as I would if a pet dog was attacking my sheep. But otherwise catch it alive then ask around to see who's lost it. If no response then keep it or give it away. Some of my best ferrets have been acquired like this.
    However, as an escapee it's probably not established territory, so don't rely on seeing it in the same place again.
    To have grown to that size it's probably a neutered male, so not likely to be a long term problem in the wild.

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    With option 2 the rifle , do you have to be a "trained " hunter !, will 243 be enough ! head shot or the big bit !

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    Shoot it, as long as it's not a wild polecat, as they're protected

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beretta cocker View Post
    Shoot it, as long as it's not a wild polecat, as they're protected
    I thought they were. Perhaps the chap above (post #5) might be wise to amend what he's typed?

    In spite of (or maybe because of) all the suggestions made, it's clear that the OP is still uncertain as to the identity of this creature.
    Therefore, for him to shoot it would be rather like him taking a pot at "a brown animal in the woods" in the hope that it was a deer, when it could equally easily be the next-door neighbours shetland pony!
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    Quote Originally Posted by boulders11 View Post
    If you can find a run.. Put a Mk6 Fenn Trap in a tunnel and set it lightly.. Caught 14 Mink last year and 4 Polecats that way..

    One of them looking like this.. Attachment 53792
    polecats are protected by law

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