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Thread: HW66 Production Thumbhole Rimfire

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    HW66 Production Thumbhole Rimfire

    Anybody has the pleasure of using one?


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    I have one on order (WMR, albeit with the classic American stock) - friend of mine has it in .22 hornet (60J - same family of rifles) with the hog back - set up with NV.

    Absolutely lovely rifles, from .22lr all the way up to the triple 2 - lovely action out of the box and accurate.

    They are slightly on the heavier side compared to others (heavyweight barrel) but it's nothing major - can't wait for mine to arrive - good choice IMHO, obviously
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    I too have a HW60J in 22 Hornet, as has been said, a bit on the heavy side but lovely wood, very accurate and a pleasure to own

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    Reckon they must be are a well kept secret, apart from to those who grew up playing with Weihrauch springers in the garden.

    Would anyone be brave enough to compare them to the Anschutz match 64 (specifically the 1416L DHB or the 1417 U2)?

    I am hoping the HW66 thumb hole is ambidextrous.. Fairly sure it is, but not 100 percent sure.

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    Funny you should ask this.... as I'm soon to have both.....!

    I have the 1417 thumb hole in .22lr - it is obviously handed - lovely, accurate, well made and totally reliable.

    The funny bit is I am about to chop my WMR quad in as I now have such a good dedicated .22lr - the boys at my local gunshop ordered themselves 2 Anshchutz 1516 in .22 WMR (a long wait for them too) - they had them screwcut (as they normally come with open sights) and re-proofed. These are both thumb hole and handed - they handle just as well as my 1417 and the action is, well, as good as it gets out-of-the-box. They have one set up for daytime and the other with an outrageous NV setup!

    Anyway, the point is:

    For me, I have handled both - including the Jagd-Match Weihrauch (which is worth a look).

    • The actions on the Weirhauchs are excellent (which with some delicate polishing, I have witnessed, nothing onerous) they can be quite easily sublime.
    • I would stick my neck out and say that the wood on the Weihrauch's is slightly better - the stock is also ambi and I like the classic American mine's coming in.
    • They are both a bit of a wait when you order them, however the Weihrauch comes screwcut (which is what I want).
    • Again, for me, the weight of the Weihrauch feels nicer in the WMR and more purposeful - because I don't shoot so much from a truck anymore it's more stable off-hand.

    Both are quality bits of kit that you won't be disappointed with - and good investments in my opinion - I hope this helps
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    I have one and am very pleased with it. Best trigger on any rifle I have and feels like a proper rifle rather than a toy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howa243 View Post
    I have one and am very pleased with it. Best trigger on any rifle I have and feels like a proper rifle rather than a toy.
    +1 - yes, you're right - feels like a proper rifle

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    When oh when will the gods and planets align for somebody to produc a high quality left handed 22rf. Yes CZ do one, but I am talking about a high quality style, and no I am not talking about the Balser R8 sub calibre conversion.

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    I have an Anschutz 17/10 and a 17/17 and of course the Weihrauch. The woodwork on the HW60J is, without a doubt better than the wood on either of the Anschutz. Accuracy wise the Anschutz still have the edge, Weihrauch have certainly raised their game and are not nearly so costly as the Annie's. I still think the Anschutz are among the best out there but the Weihrauch is running them a very close second. They are as they always have been a little on the weighty side though.

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