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Thread: Outdoor books

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    Outdoor books

    Often in various thread topics, someone will mention a favorite book. Last June, there was a good list of books about both world wars, specifically fliers. I bought a few, and have read about half of that stack.

    I wanted to try to learn of a few more myself, and bring together some great reads others have mentioned here and there. To prime the pump, some here at my elbow:

    A Hunter's Life in South Africa - Gordon Cumming
    The Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter - W.D.M. Bell
    African Game Trails - Theodore Roosevelt
    Memories of an African Hunter - Dennis D. Lyell
    Out of Africa - Isak Dinesen
    West With the Night - Beryl Markham
    Eyelids of Morning - Peter Beard
    One Rifle, One Land - JY Jones
    The Man Whom Women Loved: the Life of Bror Blixen
    The Maneaters of Tsavo - J.H. Patterson
    Maneaters of Kumaon - Jim Corbett
    Hunter - by John Hunter
    Sheep and Sheep Hunters - Jack O'Connor
    European Hunter - Lloyd Newberry

    Da Shootinest Gentleman - Nash Buckingham
    My Health is Better in November - Havilah Babcock
    Adventures with North American Big Game - Chuck Adams
    Hunting the Hard Way - Howard Hill

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    Good list - may I also suggest:

    Elephant Hunters - Tony Sanchez-Arino
    African Rifles & Cartidges - Taylor
    Temple Tiger - Jim Corbett
    My India - Jim Corbett
    Round the Campfire - Tony Henley
    Campfires in the Canadian Rockies - W T Hornaday
    The End of the Game - Peter Beard
    One Mans Wilderness - Warren Page
    The Deer Hunters - Philip Holden

    ....amongst others....!


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    One from your side of the puddle Southern

    The Snowfly....Joseph Heywood
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Just to add a few to the list.

    The Mighty Nimrod- Steven Taylor- A nicely written book about F.C. Selous.
    Hunting The Dangerous Game of Africa- John Kingsley-Heath- a modern African Classic.
    Adventures of an Elephant Hunter- James Sutherland- One of the best i have read.
    White Hunters - Brian Herne


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    Those last three books on Mr. Homes' list are three I was coming back to add.
    When I get home, I will go to my other bookshelf and get some more.

    Wild Animals I Have Known - Seton
    A Handbook for Boys - Seton 1910

    These are not hunting books, but outdoor books, for sure. The original 1910 Boy Scout Handbook, which Seton wrote after he and Lord Baden Powell met and discussed how to organize Scouting, is so much better than many later books on camping. What my Scouts loved was all about making your own gear, trapping game, catching fish as Indians did, etc.

    After Big Game in Central Africa - Edouard Foa
    A Hunter's Wanderings in Africa - Selous
    A Game Ranger's Notebook - A. B. Percival
    African Hunter - Mellon

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    Tales of a Rat Hunting Man by Brian Plummer.

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    Hunting Camps in Wood and Wilderness Hesketh Pritchard
    Mine Eyes to the Hills Patrick Chalmers
    Hunting Winds Frank Wallace
    Last of the Ivory Hunters John Taylor
    Jock of the Bushveld Sir Percy Fitzpatrick

    and an absolute cracker of what I guess is a very early "bushcraft" book - Camping and Woodcraft (a handbook for campers and travellers in the wilderness) Horace Kephart 1930 (published New York) This has whole chapters on splitting logs techniques and type of wood for fires, different types of fires for cooking, camp cookery, dressing game, building cabins etc etc


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    Klench, I have to find those .22 books.
    I bought one of my nicest .22s from an elderly gentleman who had about twenty fine rimfires, and more centerfires, from .22 Hornet, K-Hornet, .219 Donaldson Wasp, .218 Bee, .22 Savage HP, to the Swift, most of them custom, in every sort of action.

    To the Dreams of Youth: Winchester : .22 Caliber Single Shot Rifle

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Horace Kephart - interesting man, and a full life. Scholar, outdoorsman. Set up fine libraries in America and Europe. Met the last of the Old West explorers, like Frederick Remington, and camped and hunted with them.

    Our Southern Highlanders - by Horace Kephart, is about the lands of western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee, settled by the Scots and Irish, who still dominated the culture there, and what he learned of simple living and woodcraft.

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