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Thread: .22 barrel shortening

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    .22 barrel shortening

    Hi ,i have a brno .22 rifle.It is quite old but the prevoius owner obviously left it in the cupboard and never used it as it is mint and everything is still tight.Had it for a few years now and use it on the farm to shoot bunnies.My only complaint with it is that it is too long.I just wondered what would be the shortest i could cut the barrel down without reducing velocity and accuracy.I only use subsonics which i think are all much of a muchness in terms of velocity.Has anyone on here shortened theirs and tested it

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    I think shooting times did an article on that a few years ago. I also have an older BRNO rifle. I had the length of a parker hale mod taken off it.


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    If you look at the proof marks on the barrel it will have two numbers and thta's the date it was proved and so made.

    Now if you cut it to 16 1/2 it will be fine that is providing it's not a Brno model 2 or Model 1 as then it would be a cryign shame to chop one of those.

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    I would have no hesitation in getting a 22 cut back to 15 or 16 inches.

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    I think 16" will give you coplete powder burn in the .17hmr so i would think you could go shorter than that ok with .22lr,would't like to say how short though,should think there must be some good info somewhere on the www.

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    i had mine cut back to 16 and re crowned after the barrle blew

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    What is the legal minimum for barrel length? 14", or is it an overall length thing for the whole rifle?

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Hi mate i got my CZ.22 cut down to 13" last year screw cut with a SAK mod fitted and it shoots 3/4" groups 10 rounds @ 60 yds just as good as when it was the full 20" barrel

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    Anschutrz offer a 14" factory barrel, and 16" seems quite popular for many people in .22lr.
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    .17HMR's will not burn all the powder cleanly in 16" barrels, I have to tip out all the crud from my SAK mod after 30 / 50 rounds.
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