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Thread: Fox experts required! Pop Quiz!

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    Fox experts required! Pop Quiz!

    Dogs or vixens?
    How many individual foxes?

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    I'd say dog,dog, vixen. Different animals.

    But then again.....

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    Top two are the same animal IMO - markings on the base of tail very similar.
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    All different animals 2 dogs 1 vixen

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    All the same Dog Fox
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    Get out there with the rifle and find out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by teyhan1 View Post
    All the same Dog Fox
    +1. Set your camera to video and you'll get a much better idea of the animals' identity from their posture, gait, etc.
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    They are video pictures, although only a few seconds long. Not easy to see any markings as the ambient light in effect makes the light areas on the fox. But I have to say they all look pretty similar.

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    I initially thought that the top two were the same animal and a dog fox
    But then despite the corresponding mark on the tail one is much heavier set in the belly and has different markings on its legs

    The bottom one is definitely a different animal but difficult to tell what sex
    Looks more like a vixen to me but then I am think why is it out and/or not with cub.

    haven't seen a vixen for months but assume they will be out soon

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