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Thread: Scope for .17hmr

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    Scope for .17hmr

    Any recommendations for a scope for my .17.? Not looking at a high end stalking scope here, but something suitable for a couple of hundred quid, prefably with a fine cross hair.?

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    hawke sport hd plenty good enough ir as well but i never use it, and shop around theres a lot going cheap these days someone on here northern optics i think are doing hawke stuff at the mo, less than 200 as well i think i paid about 99quid a couple years ago and ive never touched it since,in the gallery ive got two a 17 and 22 cheers doug

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    +1 - Hawke Panorama HD - got one on my WMR, superb glass for the money

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hereford View Post
    +1 - Hawke Panorama HD - got one on my WMR, superb glass for the money
    that was the one i couldnt think of i have the panorama on the 17 the sports on the 22,i told you i dont touch them !!

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    I have a Nikon nighteater on mine, not great but good enough for 150.

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    I've a Nikon Prostaff on mine, nice and lightwieght and excellent value for money.

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    Or........You could look at this as an excuse to upgrade a scope on a centrefire rifle you might have and demote the one that's on it now to your .17hmr. Certainly not the cheapest option, but when hasn't spending money on things like this been fun fun fun!

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    I think the Hawkes etc are OK for rimfires. Consider Nikon (as opposed to Nikko Sterling mentioned above) - also the Vortex HS range - both very good glass for the money. Finally and as ever, consider better second hand glass over new cheaper glass. There are some high quality bargains to be had and you may find you are doing as Pedro says....!!
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    If you want to shoot bunnies at longer range then you want a decent scope. I headshooting all mine and so want to be able to whack the mag up without worrying about whiteout or blurring etc.

    so start at bushnell elites, leupolds, Meopta, think Minox are supposed to be good. Loads of bargains out there secondhand.
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    I have a Leupold vx111 6-20x50 on mine, cracking scope for the .177hmr.
    Glyn 1 has a second hand one on sale on here,

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