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Thread: Syndicate Place Lockerbie

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    Syndicate Place Lockerbie

    1000 acres of mature forest, clear fell and open areas with high seats and caravan on site. Mainly roe with the odd sika.

    Please Read Carefully.

    My small syndicate of six members and due to one moving abroad I would like to offer it to the right person.

    I'm looking for a stalker who live in Leicestershire or just outside if possible who wishes to join a small friendly group who not only stalk together but also shoot socially regular. I want a stalker who intends to go to the ground not just sit at home.

    We often travel up in pairs or meet as a group on the land. Due to the amount of deforestation on the land and in the surrounding area over the past couple of years the land needs to be shot as the new plantation will commence this year. I expected to keep the deer damage below 5%. The land is not easy stalking but very rewarding.

    I sorry if this cuts a great many Protential stalkers out looking for ground but this template has served me well over the past 10 years on the ground.

    Im and away from tomorrow morning till Saturday and I've only my phone so I'll respond to any PMs at the weekend.

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    Hi, yes interested very much so, i have level 1 and 2 stalked for 37 years , send me the details to my email i'll give you my detrails,, i travel to my friends in Thornhill and fish stalk in the area, if you require validation or refrences i will furbish whats required
    K C Rimmington

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    Is this the Corsehill/Gall area buddy?

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    Have DSC1 and been stalking for 4 years and looking for my first syndicate, retired so availability no problem, also working towards DSC2.

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