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Thread: Foundering in Fallow

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    Foundering in Fallow

    Shot a Fallow doe on sunday and observed that her hooves were curving upwards
    This is called foundering and is either caused by too much protein or carbohydrate in the diet ( see laminitis in horses) or too little Selenium. As a number of the animals were underweight I assumed the latter.
    I told the land owner and he said that he wasn't surprised as the area was known to be low in Selenium and his cattle feed had to be supplemented with it!
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    Apart from that, is quite common in positive deer to blue tongue disease.

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    I have seen it once in roe but never in fallow (and I saw a lot of fallow when I worked in the New Forest)

    Good link off here:

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    Iv shot fallow with hooves like that.always thought it was due to living on very soft land(where is where I had shot these particular fallow)

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