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Thread: Vehicle security

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    Vehicle security

    What's the best security for carrying a rifle on a long journey in a car or 4x4 bearing in mind all the usual requirements?. Just wondering what others do. I see Napier have a slip which allows a steel cable to be run through the trigger guard,anyone got one of those...any good?.


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    Depending on the journey:

    Shortish trips where I don't intend to stop I lock the ammo and bolt in a metal mil surplus ammo can and chain it to the car with the rifle in the boot in a slip. On longer trips I put the rifle (it is an R93 and so breaks down) in a lockable case with the ammo/bolt secured as detailed above and chain the rifle case to the car as well. The padlocks/chains can also be used to secure the cases in hotels and the like. I think that is about the maximum level of "reasonable care" I can demonstrate.

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