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    Just wondering why if you are selling in the classified ads you have to state a price in your advert and yet if you are selling stalking you can be a vague as you like
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    Quote Originally Posted by dully1963 View Post
    Just wondering why if you are selling in the classified ads you have to state a price in your advert and yet if you are selling stalking you can be a vague as you like
    Stalking has so many variables, ie ground, species, time of year, number of animals to be taken, quality of animals to be taken etc etc.
    This can only be specified once contact is made whereas with an item, it can be described in the advertisemment and it's condition, size and what it is won't change, or shouldn't.
    As an example, I can't imagine a 4" bladed knife advertised changing into a 6" knife when being collected or vice versa.
    With stalking, a morning stalk of so many hours might develop, by arrangement, into an AM stalk and a PM stalk depending on the circumstances at the time.
    I don't think Stalking is advertised as " as vague as you like" anyway, there is normally a price based on the basic 4 hour armed patrol
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    Interesting point!

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    Topic has been covered on numerous occasions all with the same conclusion,, because they can do it and are allowed to by the site staff...
    Personally if I was advertising my services I'd think if I take the time to list all the variables in the ad then I probably won't have to type the same old same old to each PM I get !!! Maybe that's just me though
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    It's a valid question and Eddie has given a reasonable answer but I still think advertisers should state some basic terms and conditions or at least give a link to a website or email address where they can be found/sent.

    When I was marketing stalking I always found that it was in my interest to keep things as clear and simple as possible. The Stalking Directory is a great place to reach a large number of potential guests for a very minimal outlay however, it is a very high maintenance method of advertising. Every enquiry results in several messages backwards and forwards (often a combination of emails, messages and phone call) and if you don't reply within 10 minutes you get accused of skipping the country!

    On a couple of occasions over the years I have tried to encourage a type of 'trusted trader' system whereby professional or semi professional stalkers could agree to certain conditions and standards and, hopefully, give the potential guest a little more confidence in the service they offer but I never got it off the ground. It could be as simple as a template T&C section at the end of an advert for example:

    Highseat/Stalk: Highseat only.
    Accompanied: Yes.
    Max/Min outing: 3-4 hours.
    Dog available: Yes.
    Fee for missing/lost deer: No.

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    Selling an item is a bit different to selling stalking. EMCC has pointed out there are a great many variables. HOWEVER having said that it is up to the client to make sure that whatever stalk/hunt he is on that he/she understands all of the pricing structure.

    For instance with myself, on my stalking for English clients where they are coming to visit with me and stalk the pricing is straight forward and clear, and is on this site for everyone to see. If however they are coming from overseas then there is a great deal more work involved. Picking up and taking back to the airport, fuel, transport, accommodation licences, meals all need to be arranged, and you are generally with the clients 24/7. Therefore the price needs to reflect the time and labour and in general you are building a hunt around the clients wishes. There could also be more than one species involved and trophy quality also comes into play at times. Therefore to give a general price structure is not really possible in cases such as this.

    With any professional stalker or part time stalker selling stalking/outings just make sure you ask what the rates are, and also ensure they have commercial insurance and know what they are doing. Being a member of the shooting organisations does not cover them to take clients out and some have and do still think it does!!
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    Here's my reply from last time: Pricing

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    simple answer dully is dont book with the vague ones theres quite a few on here that are up front plus ,ask around first the good ones will allways outshine and come to the front,atb doug,

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    I have never advertised on SD but regardless of where you advertise it's almost impossible to give a price that would cover every eventuality in an advert, it's simple enough though contact the provider of your choice state what you are looking for and ask the questions, what you want to know is outing fee, kill fee, trophy fee, can you buy the venison, at what price? Is there a charge for wounding a beast, is there a charge for missing,if you only
    want to shoot trophy animals the outing fee may be higher than if you are prepared to also shoot cull animals,likewise you may be charged less if you just want to shoot cull beasts, some will only charge you the outing fee, no cull fee for yearling roe bucks, some don't charge a cull fee fee for bucks of less than four points.

    There are just to many variables to put in an ad, just ask and make sure you know exactly what you have to pay for before confirming your booking,most will be prepared to put their terms in writing for you,it's in our best interest for the client to know what he will be charged for.

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