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    Martindale redsHI

    Hi, I've just returned from a couple days away camping around martindale.
    does anybody on here know who stalks the reds around hartsop angle tarn for reds. Just my last four escapades Round there I'm seeing plenty of reds and wouldn't mind a stalk.

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    I'm fairly certain this is part of the Dalemain Estate though ive no contacts for them sorry

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    Hartsop Hall is an NT tenanted farm extending to much of the fell on both sides of Kirkstone pass, from Hart Crag round to Hartsop Dodd - always a nice heard of red up there. Not sure about the Angle tarn side though, UU have loads of the fell ground bit further over at Hawswater and Lowther has Bampton Common. Not sure about Patterdale and Martindale Commons... Redmist may well be correct, Dalemain have a fair holding round there.

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    Cheers for the input, I'll pm hwh on here to see if he can narrow it down. Just weighing up my options for the coming winter months.

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