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Thread: Eley Extra Long 75mm .410 Shells

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    Eley Extra Long 75mm .410 Shells

    Can anyone tell me what powder is in these shells, as I cant get any anywhere, we need to take some down "sub-sonic" I am after finding out if I can reload with the powder as the same or similar.

    Gary Beechener

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    I doubt you'll get the powder eley use because they buy in bulk and I would say it changes with different batches

    just look at the 410 loading data and use a heavy load at subsonic velocity , the type of powder has little effect on noise.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Don't they do a sub for the 410?

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    They did, it's an 18gram subsonic, but hard to find as I am told the factory in "France" that supplied it has shut due to a fire it had some time back.
    Gary Beechener

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    have a chat with these guys they are very helpfull ive got several usfull 10bore loads now

    Clay & Game - Shotgun Cartridge Reloading Supplies UK | Clay & Game

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