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Thread: Sap is rising

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    Sap is rising

    Out again onn Tues, wonderful conditions cold, clear and no moon, thermal was fantastic and shot another chicken farm dog fox. However the noticable thing was all the trees were glowing white which we put down to all the sap rising. It was intresting to note that the oaks were quite white were as the ash were much duller so my prediction is this year wll be oak before the ash.
    We will see what happens.


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    I think you'll find that the trees were showing up because during the day they had absorbed a small amount of heat, on a frosty night this residual heat will certainly make them "glow"

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    Strangely a bit of both, the sap is indeed rising in many trees and is throughout the limbs right to the terminal buds, being that sap in the Xylem is mainly water minerals and hormones it has the ability to hold residual warmth however the Phloem sap is a sugary solution plus minerals & it retains a slightly higher temp than expected for longer and so would possibley show as such through a thermal or NV device.

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    Only popped in as I thought it was a Red-Dot thread relating to Rachel Riley!

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