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Thread: Vintage/antique book experts.....

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    Vintage/antique book experts.....

    I have a book which I'm interested to know more about if there are any experts here.......

    its called 'Shooting by Moor, Field and Shore, by Eric Parker (et al). It is a signed and limited edition copy 185/360. Dated 1929. It's leather bound in what I would call 'not bad condition' no pages missing, all are clean and free from staining or damage, and the cover is in good order, happy to add some photos if it's of any help.
    its signed by the author, is printed on handmade paper, and all the images/plates are either actual photos stuck to the pages or original artwork by Winifred Austen......

    its a fascinating book, and whilst I can find books by the same title online, I can't find anything that is like what I have described above.

    this isn't a for sale advert, but if anyone had an idea of its worth I'd be interested to know, in case it warranted being insured? I remember doing some research about it a few years ago which made me think at the time this was worth a few hundred pounds, although all the lesser mass produced ones seem to be between 30-150...?

    So, anyone know anything about it? Is it rare? Or just something nice to enjoy!
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    Actually just found a website with another numbered copy for sale in the states so answered some of my questions already.... If you keep trawling the web, sooner or later you find what you're looking for!
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    In future just search ABE. Very handy

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    Yeah, discovered that one, it's funny though, there's such a huge range from 80 odd up to $3-400 on some american sites it's hard to know what to believe.
    ho hum. Tis a nice book to have on the shelf.....
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    I collect old books, mostly on Africa and Asia. Your book is not one known to me, but if it is signed by the author and in good condition, and condition is everything I would guesstimate around 75 to 120 also it needs to be a first edition.
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    Coch y bonddu books

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    DS 308

    The book you have is part of the Lonsdale Library which comprised 28 volumes covering all sorts of sports and was published between 1929 and 1940. The title that you have is a common one and the limited, large paper edition was published at the same time as the first edition a common custom with publishers. The one on big game by Maydon et al is a classic. I reckon SikaMalc is about right for 'insurance purposes' but if you were to try and sell it now i reckon between 50-75 is realistic. Hope this helps.


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