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Thread: Badger-proof feeder springs

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    Badger-proof feeder springs

    THe badgers have learned how to rip out my feeder springs Despite surrounding them with sheep net, the small and medium ones are still getting in and tearing the springs out. Can anyone recommend a brand that are tough (I'm using ones from Agrigame)? Has anyone tried the springs with spikes attached that are meant to deter badgers? I'm not keen on letterboxes as they seem to attract more rats. Any suggestions (barring asking the badgers to leave - nicely)? Thanks.

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    I had the same problem, in the end I just put hurdles around the feeders. Birds hopped over the top and everything else kept out

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    Theres a lot of poor springs on the market which stretch too easy
    I dont like the spikey things
    I am replacing with the mac feeder attachment which is strong steel with slots.
    The electric auto feeders are good to dispense a set amount of grain
    just after dawn and again in the afternoon
    crows rats squirrels, badgers and deer will all eat your grain
    you cannot beat hand feeding daily

    Mac Feeder Attachment | Feeder Accessories

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    Yes - I've had the stretchy spring thing as well. What don't you like about the spikes? Not effective, or cause problems of their own?
    The Mac feeder head looks good, but is it plastic or metal? I'm also skeptical about it getting gummed up. I'd be interested to hear if that happens.
    Electric autos on 50 feeders is not feasible I'm afraid. I also wonder if predators hone in on that feeding time as wella s the pheasants. They hear the whistle and come running in to eat the visiting birds...

    I'm not too worried about some of the grain going to other animals, but I do resent losing a feeder full to one fat badger! The deer can't get in past the sheep net.

    Hand feeding would be good, but for practical reasons, it's not suitable for me.

    Thanks for the comments.

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    hook the spring up to a strand of wire and connect to a fence unit if you do that on them for a while they soon get the message
    a barony original

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    I gave up on the springs a few years ago because of the same problems. Badger and deer were having a right old feed off them.
    i changed to the Wright feeder. Nothing is ever perfect but they do a good job. They can be screwed to the inside or outside of the barrel. I found it easier to drill a hole to drop the tube through and then cut a piece of coat hanger and shape it to push through the top feed hole to stop the deer/badgers pushing it up into the barrel.

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    Try the spikes

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    I use the wright feeders as well. Also use the metal pans.
    you can also hold the spring tight with a threaded T rod
    attachment, readily available.

    Dont like spikes for the same reason I dont like barbed wire
    just me. dont like to cut a critters mouth.

    pheasants favour some feed points
    and will eat 95% of the feed in the feeder.

    other feeders will hardly ever be visited by pheasants
    but the feed will still go ( 95%to squirrels and rabbits etc)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxshot View Post
    Try the spikes
    Had this problem the Badgers were getting hold of the springs and stretching them (some serious power in their jaws) I used the Spikes and problem solved, also there is an anti deer fitting available that has 4 vertical bars surrounding the spring with a circular plate at the bottom, this works very well as well if you don't like the spikes.

    regards WB

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    a few years ago i had one feeder being targeted , i put a pell fencer in the feeder clipped to the spring and ran the earth down the leg , they dont like a mouth full of sparks

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