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Thread: swarovski 10x42 rangefinder binos

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    swarovski 10x42 rangefinder binos

    ArAttachment 53856ound a year old uk import comes with box and carry case in great condition 1600 plus postage
    Pm me if your interestedAttachment 53857

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    You have pm!
    If a wolf can take down a deer from either flank, does that make him bambidextrous?

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    do these have any marks / scratches on them? and do you have the guarantee card?


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    Himate did you just get these off e-bay 3 weeks ago just as i bid on a pair worded the same if not do you have the original purchase invoice for the warranty etc

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    No mate did not get them off eBay they are my own personal bins,yes I have all paperwork
    Regards mark

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