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Thread: Confused S&B 8x56

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    Confused S&B 8x56

    Looking on an SB scope 8X56 Thinking of Hunterscabin offer. Then went browsing price range for this scope. From 460 through to 700 odd.
    Mcleod of Tain (Optic button is crashing at the moment) lists about 6 through the pricerange, ALL S&B 8x56 so what is the diference. Most just say 8x56 Is there a load of different specs and how do you tell what you are buying?

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    Jim, some made in Hungary - cheaper, some made in Germany - more expensive.

    If you are looking for a 30mm fixed scope, Macleods have Swaro 8x50's which are the dogs....

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    jimbo differences could be
    25mm or 30mm tube
    hungarian or german
    new or old stock


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    Sometimes reticle types can affect the price, as in maybe not so popular.
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    It can also come with an illuminated reticle

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