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Thread: First English FAC Application

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    First English FAC Application

    I have held FAC certs in the UK before (Northern Ireland) but surrendered them due to travelling for work. I am now settled in London and have a few farms of land sorted in Northern Ireland and a piece of ground sorted over here as well and I believe that the licensing process is a bit different and would appreciate your advise ....P. s I will be requiring A deer gun, a shotgun and something for small vermin.

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    Do you have any specific queries? Or after a general overview of the process?

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    Hi Mike just a general overview would be great, some advice on what I should apply for I.e just what I need now or what I might want in the future, any common pitfalls to be avoided etc
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    Any pointers on relevant or handy websites or docs on this ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roncon1 View Post
    Any pointers on relevant or handy websites or docs on this ?

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    Cheers for that, that's great

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