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Thread: 85grn partitions

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    85grn partitions

    Anyone used the above in .243?

    Have u loaded them with N160?

    Always reloaded heavier bullets in mine and heard good reports of partitions so thought id gove them a go. Hope there good after the price of them
    Always think before you pull that trigger.

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    I've used them on roe and once on red hinds (yes, I know in Scotland the law mandates a 100g bullet for red deer.) I used 45.0g of N160 in a 26" barrelled bolt-action rifle, producing 3080 fps. The two hinds were both shot behind the shoulder broadside. They produced sufficiently large wound channels without being excessive, exit wounds were 2" or thereabouts. The wounds were pretty much similar to those produced (the same week on 16 hinds in total) but the Sierra .243 100g BTSP, the Hornady 100g SP, and the Nosler Ballistic Tip .308 165g (from a .30-06). You couldn't have looked at the 16 carcasses and said which bullet had killed which animal, apart from two neck shot hinds, they were all similar.

    I also shot several roe, no more than five, with the same bullet fired from my Valmet combination gun. That barrel has an extremely long freebore (a design feature in many break action rifles) which lowers the pressure and backthrust. Therefore I use a bit more powder, being 46.0g of N160 which, in the 24" barrel, delivers prety much the same velocity as the bolt-action rifle, 3090 fps. Again, they are effective without cause excessive damage. Of course, if you hit a foreleg bone, it's going to result in a lot of damage regardless of bullet choice.

    In summary, the 85g Partition is an excellent bullet provided it's put in the right place. I still use them in my combination gun for three reasons. 1. I have a stock of several 100 of those bullets, 2. the barrel is a 1:11.5" twist and won't stabilise heavier (longer) bullets and 3. they are accurate and effective. :-)


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