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Thread: Last Day For Fallow Does.

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    Last Day For Fallow Does.

    I had my last day out for the fallow does in Hertfordshire on Saturday and was determined that I would be succesful on this last chance.

    Got up later than I intended and found that I was the owner of a banging head (that would be the whisky I suppose) so then hung around until sufficiently recovered to go out. It was not one of those hangovers that you know you should not be doing anything till it clears by the way just in case any of you think I was going out half cut. I had not had loads to drink the night before but went to bed with a whisky which I seldom drink.

    Anyway up into my high seat, this one being a very nifty and luxurious one fully covered and with a heater, not that this was on as it was a warm morning, but just to give you an inkling of how comfy I was with my coffee,sausage rolls and crisps.


    My friend Richard who owns the woodland decided he would go out later than myself and position himself out in the middle of a field behind some straw bales and wait to see if any deer would venture out onto the field or follow the outside of the wood. The idea being that he would take one out there and then they would run back into the wood where I would have a chance from my comfort zone.

    However nothing was moving so Richard informed me over the twoway that he would start moving and stalking through the wood taking any opportunity that happened but mainly to get them to me. Well you can guess how that went. It seemed evey deer he bumped went the wrong way for me and also offered no opportunity him.
    Thus after four and a half hours of Richard creeping through the woods to no avail my friend announced he would walk back home.

    Being determined that I should not blank I said that I would move into a position where I had spotted deer earlier but did not have a go at stalking into them as first of all we had our plan.
    I stalked towards the back of the shoot following a belt of trees from where I would hopefully see the deer at the bottom of the woodland towards the fence line. Absolutley zippo but carried on, out of the corner of my eye it was then I noticed a white doe that had not been there before, BINGO. What to do? I knew that doe would have seen me and I could see no sign of any others but they must be there the white ones are great markers and we do not shoot them for this reason.
    A decision was made that I would crawl back towards them and see If I could pick up any movement from within the trees. I slowly made my way back towards them just having an occaisional peep checking if the white one was still there. Anyway this turned out to be a fantastic stalk and I found I had managed to get myself 60 yards away from them and hidden behind a clump of briers and sure enough other deer were with her that could not be seen earlier within the trees from my starting position.
    I was dead chuffed that I had got in this close to this bunch of deer as I was certain that I had been spotted at the begining.

    Anyway fallow being fallow they were as usual all bunched up offering no opportunity for a shot and I waited and waited to see if a suitable one would move into clear shot. Being at the end of the season I had no intention of taking a doe that would be heavily pregnant and awaited a chance at a youngster.


    After an age a suitable deer eventually ventured out. Here was my opportunity. Buttler Creeks flipped.Sticks adjusted.Rifle on sticks.Crosshairs on deer.Safety off.Ready to squeeze trigger. BANG off went a gas gun in one of the fields. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.

    It just was not meant to be but I will never forget this stalk as the real buzz was just getting there next to them.

    Thanks Richard great weekend and see you soon.

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    "Events will take their course, it is no good of being angry at them; he is happiest who wisely turns them to the best account." Euripedes

    Lovely write up viz. As you so well describe, the buzz doesn't always rely on pulling the trigger.
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    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    OH bad luck Viz,bummer when things like that happen,have a brandy next time around,whisky always gives me headaches these days never used to.

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    Had my last day of the doe season on sunday. 4 hours with no chance of a shot so sat in a seat and waited for the alotted time to meet the other two stalkers. Then 300m away a 10 stong group entered my block , but heading towards a mates block .
    Just about to ring him when they about turned and came out 100m to my left first doe stood side on the ride, Engine room sorted and off she crashed ! Preped her and put her in my roe sack , F-ing hell she was heavy got the sack on my back and struggled to the nearest ride to be picked up bu the landrover.
    After a trip to the larder she was 90LB !!!
    To day my back still hurts my knees feel like they are filled with grit and my thighs and arse are stiff . It will all ease but the memory will last years !



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    A great stalk John. Bloody gas guns. They will be there again mate.

    See you at the next meet up?


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    Thanks Jonathon,
    Yes they will be there again but its going to be a long time now until November.You know I could almost see that deer go over much the same as when out pheasant shooting its always those ones you know are a cert that just carry on and on and on.
    Looks like some major sucking up to our Adam now.


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    i was watching a group of 6 roe yesterday (4 bucks ) they were in a field with gas gun about 50yds from them. Gun went off and they didnt bat an eyelid. This may work in my favour when i get after them in the next couple of days . if the deer round my bit ran from gas guns they would be constantly on the hoof.


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