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Thread: Blood concentrate for tracking?

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    Blood concentrate for tracking?

    Due to an unfortunate dose of heavy poaching at my shoot, I have run out of blood I had stored up for tracking training my bmh.

    I spoke with the local butcher who informed me they are no longer allowed to use blood in their black pudding etc but have to use a concentrate instead. Although I can get a bit of blood from him from draining an ox heart for example it is not really enough.

    I have heard of dry concentrated blood being used. Could anyone please recommend me a place to order from / product so I can continue to train my dog up.



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    I think paint and pins is selling it or you can buy from weidwerk just google either. i have recently switched from 'real' frozen boar or deer blood to it and dog doesnt seem to mind difference. when i start training my new pup this will be what i use for first few months.

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    Hi david

    You can buy concentrated blood from Bush Wear. Page 57 of there 09/10 catalogue.

    But cattle blood will work fine if you know of an abatoir.



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    Any blood will do. Next time you get some blood water it down 50-50. Makes the blood go a bit further.


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    I used to use dried powdered blood in carp baits ,don't know what sort it would be but you should be able to get some by googling carp bait,i used to get mine from CC Moore & Co ltd.

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    I've used this Dried Blood in the past.

    It doesn't really re-constitute that well but the resultant liquid certainly pongs & the dog follows the laid trail ok. I was told its probably chicken blood!

    1 Kg costs 9.90 delivered

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    Just a suggestion.

    Before 'splashing it on all over', (with apologies to Henry Cooper), a gander at this little volume from Amazon might give an insight into what and how the dog is actually tracking - and help to make your blood stocks go further.

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    Just checked out CC Moore dried blood(mamalian) price and its 3.49 for 1kg and 10.99 for 5kg plus the postage but this will be food grade stuff of good quality no doubt,don't know how to paste the link sorry.
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