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Thread: Intruder in our home!

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    Intruder in our home!

    I live in a block of flats that are described by our housing association as "Secure Accomodation for The Elderly. We have security doors both front and back to stop any "undesirables" or "unwanted visitors" gaining access.
    The majority of us try to "look out for each other" and as such I was just in the process of waking up this morning when our door bell went. I struggled into my dressing gown and opened the door to a rather distressed elderly neighbour to be told that there was a stranger lying on one of the sofas in a communal area on the ground floof and she didn't even know if he was alive or dead. I invited the resident (Who is a very good and close friend) in to wait while I got dressed and then grabbed by pocket camcorder and went downstairs to find a rather big and muscular chap out cold on the sofa. My first thought was to grab hold of him and ask what the hell he thought he was doing and who he was, but rather than that I decided to err on the safe side and phoned 999 and asked for immediate police attendance as there was an intruder in secure flats for the elderly - That was at 08:10! I then took some photos in case he woke up and either "did a runner" or worse still decided to "start kicking off a bit"! By 08;40 there was still no sign of the police and several other elderly residents were aware that there was an intruder and they were getting quite "worked up" about it, even though i felt I had the situation under reasonable control. At 08:45 this "chap" woke up and started to go for a walk down the corridor towards the doorways to some of the flats where there were some elderly ladies standing so I decided that there was no option then but to ask another resident to call the police again using 999 and tell them that I was about to confront this intruder and their presence was needed urgently in case things got ugly.
    I did manage to catch up with the chap and grabbed hold of him by the arm and asked who he was, what he thought he was doing there and how he got in! All he could do was to say that he had come with his mother (He gave her name but the name he gave was definitely not that of any resident).
    I manage to get him to sit down fairly calmly (He stank of stale alcohol so I guess he had one hell of a hangover and turned ot to be non agressive) but even then it still took the police a further 15 minutes to arrive. While I was trying to tell the police the situation he had somehow done a runner and got out through the rear security door. The police have been given a photo of the intruder and they say that they know who he is, and of course I have a log number from them!
    The thing is that we have been told by the management that we should never put ourselves in danger by approaching any intruder but with such a slow response time from the police I personally don't feel that I had any other option open to me other than to "tackle" this intruder.
    I would be interested to know what you would have done if you had been in my situation - baring in mind that I am in my mid 60's, not a big or well built chap and nor am I in the "peak of health and fitness"? Would you have just waited until the intruder maybe frightened or (God forbid) even attacked one or some of our elderly female residents (Many of which are single ladies in their 80's and 90's) or would you have tackled the intruder straight away or simply waited for the police to eventually turn up over 25 minutes after the original call for help and done nothing more?
    I should add that at no time whatsoever did the though ever occur to me to "unlock my gun cabinet" - I'm really not that stupid!

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    You did the best you could under the circumstances, which IMO was also the right thing. No sense in putting yourself in harms way, the fact that the Police were that slow in attending probably merits a call from you to the complaints and discipline department at the Police HQ. Maybe a letter to your housing association might not be a bad thing, they might want to rethink their security and also back up any complaint you may make.

    The sad thing is your case is not at all unusual nowadays.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    I think you did the right thing, and I agree a complaint to the police should be made.
    If it had been me I would have been very tempted to call "careline" and get them to call it in.
    Seems to get a quicker response for both police and ambulance down here.


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    Thanks for the replies. With regards to a letter of complaint I think it might be better coming from our housing association even though I did express my concerns about the terribly slow response times to the police that turned up, and with regards to a call through to "Eldercare" (Who are on call for our residents via an emergency pull cord system) I agree that might well have got a quicker response but when faced with the circumstances as they were put in front of me unfortunately it didn't cross my mind - You don't neseccarily think completely logically when faced with a "situation"!- Something to remember if ever faced with similar circumstances again.

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    Zip ties while he was sleeping...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gixer1 View Post
    Zip ties while he was sleeping...

    Hmmmmm! Do you mean round a plastic carrier bag placed over the head?

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    dont forget the tazer ala Brick Top

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    If you had finished the police conversation with "I will unlock my gun cabinet just in case" !
    They would have been there in seconds ! LOLOL

    (for those waiting to jump..........That was a joke!)

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    I think you took the best decision, given the situation. Perhaps if there was another guy or two closer to you who was able and willing to assist you in case things went sour whilst waiting for police would also be a good idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2434me View Post
    If you had finished the police conversation with "I will unlock my gun cabinet just in case" !
    They would have been there in seconds ! LOLOL

    (for those waiting to jump..........That was a joke!)
    But perhaps had you opened your conversation to the police with, 'I am a firearms holder and there is a stranger in the accomodation, I am concerned.........'

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