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Thread: 1" scopes available ?

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    1" scopes available ?

    Just hoping to pick the brains of you specialists out there, I have Heym .270 with Apel swing off mounts, Schmidt and Bender 6x42 German 1" tube, my eyes are struggling a bit now and want to up my magnification, was looking at S and B 8x56 but they are 30 mm tube hence needed new mounts etc on top , been told minox variable are 1" tube so will save me buying rings and mounts , any other scopes you know of with 1" tubes ??

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    The 8X56 S&B Hungarian are also 1 inch tubes.
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    Oh bugger really, just have conversation with gunshop and he thought 8x56 Hungarian were 30 mm . I'm sorted then thanks

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    That is a gunshop to avoid then as it is either manned by a halfwit or someone who has a 30mm S&B he wants to sell and will spin you a line to make the sale! Take a look, note there is a 30mm and a 1"
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    He has just measured scopes he has in and they are 30 mm not 1" :-( bugger

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    You can get a set of 30mm rings for your bases and shop for a second-hand 30mm scope.

    This is not what you are asking, but the Leupold VX3 3-9x50 and the Burris 4.5-15x42 are one-inch scopes with glass that will surprise you. They are very sturdy, and lifetime warranty. for really long range, and once you pass 10x, the parallax adjustment comes into play.

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    I'd put a 6-18x50 Meopta Meopro on it.
    450, no new mounts, good glass and a choice of magnification depending on what you're using the rifle for.

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    I have a Kahles CL 4-12x52 1" tube and a Kahles KXi 3.5-10x50 1" tube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deklan View Post
    He has just measured scopes he has in and they are 30 mm not 1" :-( bugger
    He had to measure them!
    Wasn't it apparent to him just by looking at either the scope or the markings on the box if it were a new scope?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    The Zeiss Conquest range are1 inch tube and optically very good.

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